Participants need to arrange their accommodation themselves and pay for it. There are several mid-range guest houses and lodges available in Zomba in walking distance from Chancellor College. If you want a bit more luxury, there is the Resort Sunbird Ku Chawe on top of Zomba plateau (a 20 minutes drive, taxis available).

Cheap options

Peter’s Lodge will be able to offer MK15,000 (~20 USD) per night, bed and breakfast.  The facility also has both a restaurant and a bar. The rooms (36 plus) are self-contained, some with just fans others with air conditioners. The contact person, manager, is Joseph Chimbenji whose email is His phone number is +265 995 671 596. It is on WhatsUp. Unfortunately they have no website.

Student rooms/dormitories

There are many male/female student dormitories in and around Chancellor College. You will need to research such options yourself. Google maps is a good start. In any case, do not expect all the comfort of modern European or North American student housing.

Mid-range options (en-suite rooms)

To our best of knowledge these are well-managed places, but obviously these thing can change and we cannot guarantee that these options meet your specific expectations. If you check out the websites you can find pictures and on tripadvisor, google, etc. you can usually find some reviews.

Hotel NameDistance to Chancellor CollegeType of roomQuantityRate (Single, bed and breakfast)Contact details and additional information
Manja Lodge20 minutes walk – Transport availableDeluxe6MK35000/US$5024 hr 4G complementary Wi-Fi
Electricity black-out back up
DSTV, Fridge, spacious with Lounge
T&D Guest House5-8 Minutes’ walkExecutive12MK40,000 / US$55DSTV, air conditioned, fridge

Deluxe13MK60,000/ US$75Spacious, DSTV, air conditioned, fridge
Mango Lodge15 min Minutes’ walkExecutive13MK35,000/ US$50
DSTV, wifi

Deluxe20MK60,000/ US$75Spacious, DSTV, air conditioner
Pakachere Backpackers25 Minutes’ walk (4 minutesby taxi)Mixed8Room US$25-50 (not all en-suite)
Dorm US$10

Resort Sunbird Ku Chawe

This is the most upscale it gets in Zomba, located at beautiful Zomba Plateau (20 minutes drive, taxis available). Though you won’t spend much time at the plateau during workshop times. This is a good option if you prefer a higher standard than the lodges above, but otherwise we would suggest you to go with one of the closer options. Sunbird Ku Chawe can be booked through .